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COD : SF-DEV-15550
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Acusis is a simple-to-use, complete solution for improving the audio quality of your speech-recognition or video communications project. It solves two common issues, all in a single device that hooks up to your project with standard USB protocols.

  • Far-field reception: Acusis is designed to capture normal speaking volume from across a room, due to its advanced beam-forming microphone array. The microphones form a “phased-array”, working together to listen in the direction of the speaker. You may notice that the microphones are placed with varying spacing, that’s to help with beamforming. The spacing between a microphone pair is best for one frequency, so having different spacing helps cover more frequencies.
  • Echo cancellation: Acusis is designed to remove the “echos” of the sound your device is producing from what get picked up by the microphone, significantly reducing feedback in the case of voice/video conferencing, and keeping your speech recognizer from hearing the audio you are creating. All you have to do is make sure your audio output is passed through Acusis and it will make sure it doesn’t feed that audio back to you.

Also, Acusis is a linear array rather than circular, which makes it great for mounting on a monitor or TV.

You attach Acusis to your computer/Raspberry Pi/custom system via USB. It will connect to your device as a USB microphone and a USB speaker. The reason it appears as a speaker is because to remove echos from the microphone input, it needs to receive the audio you are producing.

Use Cases

  • Podcast App: Awhile back we built a voice-controlled application that ran on a Chrome browser in Linux and played podcasts. Our normal microphone picked up the podcast audio and fed it back into the speech recognition engine, which was pretty annoying since it filled up our logs with transcriptions of the podcasts. With Acusis, only our voices are heard, since the podcast audio output is cancelled by the XMOS DSP.

  • Video Chat: We’ve attached Acusis to our wall-mounted video chat system to make our audio communication better. We no longer need to yell at the microphone – Acusis hears quite well from across the room.

  • Hack and Learn: Grab a Logitech camera and/or an XTAG programmer accessory with Acusis and start building your projects now.


  • Power: USB Powered, < 1 W
  • Microphones: 4 PDM mics in linear array, adaptive beam-former
  • Chipset: XMOS XVF3000
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control): Yes
  • Echo Cancellation: Full-Duplex, Barge-in Support, up to 50 dB attenuation
  • Noise Suppression: Up to 15 dB attenuation
  • Audio In: USB, appears to host as a speaker
  • Audio Out: 3.5 mm mono jack




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