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Tamiya 71115 Sliding Mouse - Vibrating Action

COD : PO-941

Tamiya 71115 Sliding Mouse - Vibrating Action
10,40 € (excl. VAT)
12,69 € (incl. IVA)

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12,69 €

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How it works

The Sliding Mouse moves via vibrations from a motor that spins a plate with an off-center weight. This spinning weight generates a rapid up-down vibrating movement that propells the mouse forwards. You can alter the mouse’s speed and direction by changing the orientation of the front leg rod. Bending the front leg to the right will cause the mouse to curve to the left as it moves, while bending the front leg to the left will cause the mouse to curve to the right. Bending the front leg inward will slow down the mouse’s movement.

Basic specifications

  • Total length: 97 mm.
  • Powered by a Type 130 motor.
  • Movement direction and speed can be easily adjusted by changing the orientation of the front leg rod.
  • Body shape designed help it move around obstacles.
  • Eyes act as rollers also helping model to smoothly work around obstacles.
  • Games and races can be easily made by building an obstacle course using cardboard etc.
  • Best performance on smooth flat surfaces.
  • Requires one AAA (a.k.a. R03 or UM4) battery (sold separately).

Note: This is a kit. Assembly requires using a screwdriver and snapping parts together. No soldering is required.


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