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MakerSpace Kits (Pre-Order)

COD : MBL-99061
MakerSpace Kits (Pre-Order)
8.100,00 € (excl. VAT)
9.882,00 € (incl. IVA)
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What is MakerSpace Kit?

MakerSpace Kit is a series of engineering building blocks released for Maker Education. The Kit contains 11 assembly parts of 6 broad categories, packed into 17 boxes. Scientifically proportioned and flexibly configurable, the Kit is designed for various ages and educational institutions with different budgets. Elaborately designed packages are intended to bring better experience of storage and exhibition. Software is also provided for MakerSpace, including complete instructions, integrated operation plans and workshop cases of different difficulties.

The 11 parts are beams 0824 (double-hole beam), beams 0808 (single-hole beam), connectors, basic motion part, motion shafts, hardware and tools, electronic module, motor module, motion module, advanced motion part and large component expansion pack.


  • Various assembly parts.
  • Scientifically proportioned and flexibly configurable.
  • Made from aluminum extrusions. Rigid and professional.
  • Easy storage, aesthetic exhibition and convenient use.
  • Low threshold of use, with great potentials and extensibility.
  • Provides different integrated campus solutions for different users.

Diversified Components

MakeBlock MakerSpace kit contains 1455 components of 255 kinds.

SKU Name Number of kinds Number of components
99050 Beam0824 Structural Parts 12 88
99051 Beam0808 Structural Parts 13 92
99052 Connecting Fittings 18 152
99053 Basic Drive Parts 25 162
99054 Shaft Type Drive Parts 22 208
99055 Hardwares and Tools 34 -
99056 Electronic Modules 44 151
99057 Motor Modules 23 58
99058 Motion Parts 30 394
99059 Advanced Drive parts 24 108
99060 Expansion Packs for Large Parts 10 42
SKU Name Dimension(Length x Width x Height) Net Weight?KG?
99050 Beam0824 Structural Parts 567 x 335 x 60mm 3.145
99051 Beam0808 Structural Parts 345 x 335 x 60mm 1.915
99052 Connecting Fittings 345 x 335 x 60mm 2.11
99053 Basic Drive Parts 567 x 335 x 60mm 3.13
99054 Shaft Type Drive Parts 345 x 335 x 60mm 2.905
99055 Hardwares and Tools 325 x 235 x 273mm 9.225
99056 Electronic Modules 345 x 335 x 80mm
345 x 335 x 80mm
567 x 335 x 60mm
99057 Motor Modules 345 x 335 x 60mm
345 x 335 x 60mm
99058 Motion Parts 567 x 335 x 80mm
567 x 335 x 80mm
99059 Advanced Drive parts 567 x 335 x 80mm
567 x 335 x 80mm
99060 Expansion Packs for Large Parts 567 x 335 x 60mm
567 x 335 x 60mm

Scientific Proportion

Based on the rich experiences from our engineers and communication of our experts, the components of MakeBlock MakerSpace Kit is scientifically proportioned, making all of them fully utilized for every MakerSpace plan. We designed various MakerSpace plans for users with different needs and budgets, allowing flexible configurations.

We provide different user-oriented integrated solutions. Common users can configure flexibly according to their needs and budgets. Taking the special needs of educational institutions into account, combined with our understanding of education industry and feedbacks and cooperative experiences from customers of both domestic and foreign education industries, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions.

Highly Reusable and Professional

The mechanical structural components of MakeBlock MakerSpace Kit are made from anodic oxidized 6061 aluminum alloy extrusion. It’s damage-resistant and highly reusable. All mechanical parts have uniform standard, which are highly compatible and extensible. Unique thread grooves help to build professional products more freely and rapidly.

Ingenious Packaging

We carefully designed the package, going through 19 revisions on the plan and 8 iterations on the lining. We wish it can solve the problem of disorder and loss when storing.

  • ? Rigid and beautiful with lid and tray packaging as outer carton.
  • ? Using EVA, the polymer used as drone shock absorber, as lining to effectively protect the components.Half-heel design providing deformation resistance as well as a certain elasticity.
  • Names are given alongside the components for easier sorting, store and restore of equipments, helping develop good habits of students.

Low Threshold of Use

With uniform mechanical standard, all components are freely compatible; electronic module uses RJ25 connector and color label system, reducing greatly the difficulties in learning electronics. Based on Scratch 2.0, we also developed mBlock graphic programming software which perfectly integrated Scratch and Arduino, providing an access that connects visual world to the real world.


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