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DMP - eBox 3350MX-AP x86 Compact PC with Auto Power On

DMP - eBox 3350MX-AP x86 Compact PC with Auto Power On
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The eBox 3350MX-AP is an energy efficient, small form factor PC designed for light weight applications (including Robotics).

This Compact PC is built on the Vortex86 SoC processor also used in the very popular Roboard.

In this version the Vortex86MX is used, which includes the VGA and HD Audio chips built into the processor.

With 9.5cm X 9.5cm X 2 cm this PC is smaller than FitPC2 and is extremely energy efficient (2A @ 5V).

It includes 3x USB 2.0 ports, Audio In/Out, 1 Ethernet port and 1 VGA port. HDD is provided through an SD card slot.

The 3350MX supports x86 operating systems including Linux, Windows XP and Windows CE.

In this AP version (Auto Power On) the eBox will automatically Turn On when as power is applied (there is no power button).

This makes ideal for "always on" applications and embedded applications where Auto Power On is required. (this functionality also means the Unit will always Power On after power failure)

The processor (PMX-1000/Vortex86MX) is a SoC based on the same Vortex86DX used on the Roboard. In this MX version, the VGA and HD Audio chips are built into the processor.

Measuring 95mm X 95mm X 2mm the eBox 3350 is one of the smallest PCs in the world.

The fanless design and ultra low power consumption makes it ideal for Robotics and other Embedded Applications.
This AP version adds Automatic Power on making it ideal for Embedded and Always On solutions.

The eBox 3350 in Robotics applications:

The eBox 3350 does not have built in Robotics features like the Roboard does but instead concentrates its IO on the USB ports and packs twice the memory (512 Mb) and built in VGA.

You can take advantage of the available USB ports to connect:

  • USB Servo Bus interfaces (USB2Dynamixel or CM-700 for Robotis servos, USBSC32 for PWM servos, ...)
  • Webcam for Vision Processing
  • Kinect Sensor for Vision / Depth Processing
  • Arduino or PIC devices with USB interface can be used to collect Sensorial data
  • Generic USB to Serial or USB to TTL Serial devices for IO with other peripherals

Separating the Logic / Operating system part from the Robotics tasks is the technique employed by some latest robots such as the DARwIn-OP robot.

In addition the ultra low power consumption makes it ideal for Robotics apps.

The eBox 3350MX is not limited to Robotics applications.

You can use the eBox 3350MX mini PC as a Home Server, NAS device, companion PC for your TV, Thin Client, and much more.

Additional Resources and Documentation:

  • Linux Installation:
  • Windows XP Installation:
  • Performance Tips:
    • If using the SD card as the HDD, use Class 6 or Class 10 Full Size SD cards.
      EWF can also be enabled on Windows XP for improved performance.
  • DMP / Roboard Forum on RoboSavvy
    Here you can find resources and information on installing different Operating Systems on Vortex86 platforms as well as information related to x86 Robotics applications.
  • eBox 3350MX Brochure
  • Complete eBox Product Catalog
    (Robosavvy is a Distributor of eBox in the UK; if you need any particular model in the eBox catalog that may not listed in our store, please contact Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. to obtain a Quote and place your Order.)
Summary of features:
  • PMX-1000/Vortex86MX processor at 1Ghz
    (MX Stepping: x86 instruction set equivalent to i586, VGA and HD Audio built onto the SoC)
  • 512MB memory
  • VESA mounting support (75 x 75 mm)
  • Fanless Design
  • 10/100 Mbps LAN
  • with PXE diskless boot
  • SD, SDHC support
  • 3x USB 2.0 ports
  • HD Audio: Audio Out and Line In
  • Ultra Low power Consumption

Please note:  the Power Adaptor is NOT Included. DMP Power adaptors for the 3350MX are available here.
You can also use a miniUSB Smartphone charger but please see notes about this bellow.

Supported Operating Systems:
  • Linux
  • Windows XP (Professional and Embedded)
  • Windows CE
  • Some other x86 Operating systems are also supported (i.e. DOS)


Kit Contents:

  • 1x eBox 3350MX-AP (Auto Power On) Compact PC

    Please note:  the Power Adaptor is NOT Included. DMP Power adaptors for the 3350MX are available here.
    You can also use a miniUSB Smartphone charger capable of at least 5V 1A although we strongly encourage using official model from DMP: bear in mind the 3350 needs up to 2A at 5V when all 3 USB ports are in use and not all Smartphone chargers are capable of delivering a steady 5V or enough current.


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