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RoboBuilder 5710K Plus Edition

RoboBuilder 5710K è un Robot in Kit equipaggiato con sensori di distanza ed accelerazione.
COD : RKU1008090248
RoboBuilder 5710K Plus Edition
713,40 € (excl. VAT)
870,35 € (incl. IVA)
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Following up to the success of the Robobuilder platform,
Robosavvy has teamed up with Robobuilder to bring you an exclusive edition packed with extra goodies:
to the base 5710K we have added the Distance Sensor (Object Detection Sensor) and the Acceleration Sensor to the Robot.
This Robosavvy Special Edition includes all high-tech features in an easy-to-use, cost effective, and attractive kit.

Easy Assembly:
The robot comes with 16 servos (DoF) and is assembled using a Joint-Insert system which makes for easy assembly and modification of the robot.
The included manual documents 3 shapes (Humanoid, Dinosaur and Dog) but with the joint-assembly system you can redesign the robot into any shape you can imagine.

The robot has a built-in Microprocessor for storing and executing new motions and autonomous behaviors.
5 different programming options are available to suit absolute Beginners and Intermediate-to-Expert Users alike.
In addition we have included the Object Detection (Distance) Sensor and Acceleration Sensor in this Robosavvy Edition further improving its performance in autonomous missions.

Smooth Learning Curve:
Starting with the easy joint-insert assembly system, you can start using the robot immediately with the pre-programmed motions.
After that, MotionBuilder can be used to create and add new moves to the robot using a simple "catch-and-play" system.

Once you're familiar with the robot, you can move on to programming Autonomous Behaviors:

  • ActionBuilder is a friendly graphical tool for Beginners to create simple behaviours (avoid obstacles, get up after falling, etc.).
  • Microsoft Robotics Development Studio: Use the included Robobuilder MSRDS Manual to learn about the robot and how to use the Visual Programming Language to have it react to Voice Commands, Control from your Keyboard or Gamepad, etc.*
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net: Choose form the MSRDS libraries or the Libraries Developed by our Community that will let you perform full interaction with the Robot, the Sensors and the Servo bus.*
  • C programming: sample software and libraries are available for programming the robot, including full Source Code of the Standard Firmware.
  • Any other languages are supported (Ruby, Python, PHP) by using the robust RBC protocol and wCK protocols to interact with the robot over the serial port or Bluetooth.*

    (The options marked with '*' mean the Robot and the Computer will interact in real time; you can use the included cable or upgrade to Bluetooth for wireless communication)

Extensible to the Milimetre:
In addition to all the assembly and shape possibilities, all servos include 1 A/D port and 2 PIO ports.
Using the daisy-chain connection mechanism you can build robots with up to 253 servos!

A number of accessories are also available to customize and extend the robot such as a Hip Kit for +2DOF, a Spider Kit to build a Hexapod, Metal Brackets Kit and various Hand Grippers (by l3v3rz).

The resulting product is an affordable, easy to assemble and reliable advanced robot kit that to this day has seen an enormous success at Robosavvy and has been receiving enthusiastic community support at our forum.

The robot has also been receiving several awards since it was released.


Kit contents:

  • 1x RBC-NNN Intelligent Controller Box
  • 12x wCK-1108 Smart Actuator Module:
    • PID Motion Control
    • Torque: 8
    • 1x Generic A/D port + 2x Generic PIO ports for expansibility
    • Main Output Gear in Metal for Added Strength and Reliability
  • 4x wCK-1111 Smart Actuator Module:
    • PID Motion Control
    • Torque: 11
    • 1x Generic A/D port + 2x Generic PIO ports for expansibility
    • Main Output Gear in Metal for Added Strength and Reliability
  • 1x Sharp Infrared Distance Sensor (inside the Robot Head)*
  • 1x Acceleration Sensor (inside the Controller Box)*
  • 1x Sound Sensor (inside the Controller Box)
  • 1x Remote Controller
  • 11x Misc. Body parts (7 types)
  • 39x Plastic Joint parts (12 types)
  • 1 set of Nuts & Bolts
  • 20x wCK Module Cable
  • 1x 220V Power Supply
  • 1x User Guide Book
  • 1x Software CD
  • 1x RS-232 cable for PC communication
  • Prepared to Upgrade with Bluetooth for Wireless communication with the PC and other devices.

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