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Fritzing Creator Kit with Arduino UNO English Edition

COD : SE-800050001

Fritzing Creator Kit with Arduino UNO English Edition
119,21 € (excl. VAT)
145,44 € (incl. IVA)

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145,44 €

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The Fritzing Creator Kit gives you a fast, easy and--most important--entertaining introduction to the world of interactive electronics.
What do you get? The ultimate beginners book teaches you everything you need to know through a series of practical--yet playful--exercises. And that playfulness is the key! There is a paper robot who can turn his head; a fortune teller who is (of course) never wrong (no guarantee on that); a dinosaur who relays the news on your Twitter stream and a pong game on a big LED matrix display.
The box is sturdy and gives you enough extra space to transport your projects. Components and wires are stored in sub-containers which keep everything organized and visible.
The Creator Kit is made in Germany--right here--in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Many Fritzing users helped us to develop it--both to select the components and to test the exercises. This helped us develop a product that will provide you with everything you need to build creative electronics projects--and have fun in the process!
We recommend this Kit from 12 years on.
  • Book,
  • Bastelbögen (paper models), 
  • Arduino UNO R3, 
  • breadboards 2x, 
  • base plate, 
  • USB cable, 
  • light sensor, 
  • rotary knob 2x,
  • tilt switch, 
  • push-button 2x, 
  • LED Matrix Display, 
  • RGB LED, 
  • Piezo buzzer,
  • light emitting diodes (LEDs) 22x, 
  • servo motor, 
  • DC motor (4.5 – 9 V),
  • resistors 220 Ω 10x, 
  • resistors 100 kΩ 10x,
  • MOS-FET (field-effect transistor),
  • plug cables long 14x, 
  • plug cables short 28x,
  • extension cables 14x, 
  • 9 V battery clip, 
  • L293D motor driver (H-bridge),
  • Allen key, 
  • screws 3x, 
  • spacers 3x
Unboxing of the Fritzing Creator Kit


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