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Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller (kit)

COD : PO-110
Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller (kit)
29,93 € (excl. VAT)
36,51 € (incl. IVA)
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This product is discontinued and has been replaced by the next-generation Qik 2s9v1 Dual Serial Motor Controller, which is better in virtually all respects.

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Pololu’s popular dual serial motor controller will get your robot running in a snap. The compact module can individually control two motors, and you can daisy-chain multiple units to control up to 62 motors with one serial line. This dual motor controller provides up to 2 A to a single motor, or 1 A each to two motors. The motor supply can be 5.6 – 25 V, making the unit a great option for various small DC motors. If you happen to burn out the TI SN754410 motor driver chip, the through-hole design allows for a quick replacement.

Control two 1-Amp motors

Control one 2-Amp motor

Using one serial output from your microcontroller, you can independently set each motor to go forward or backward at any of 127 speeds, coast, and with the new version, brake. The dual serial motor controller is compatible with our serial servo controllers and serial motor controllers, so you can control an almost unlimited number of motors and servos with one serial line. For a smaller unit, see our micro dual serial motor controller.

Note: The Pololu dual serial motor controller comes either as a kit or pre-assembled. To use the motor controller in robotics projects, you need to connect it to your own motors and robot controller.

Device specifications

  • PCB size: 1.00 × 0.85"
  • Motor ports: 2
  • Speeds: 127 forward, 127 backward, plus off.
  • Max. current: 1 A per motor (continuous)
  • Supply voltage: 5.6-25 V
  • Data voltage: 0 and 5 V
  • PWM frequency: 600 Hz
  • Serial baud rate: 1200-19200 (automatically detected)

Module Pinout

Pin Function
- ground (0V)
+ positive supply (5.6-25V)
1 reset
2 serial control input
M1- motor 1, negative output
M1+ motor 1, positive output
M2- motor 2, negative output
M2+ motor 2, positive output

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