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Tamiya 70203 Low-Current Motor Gearbox (3-Speed)

COD : PO-2196
Tamiya 70203 Low-Current Motor Gearbox (3-Speed)
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The Tamiya 70203 Low-Current Motor Gearbox kit includes one brushed DC motor and all the gears and parts to build any of the three possible gear ratio configurations: 12.7:1, 38.2:1, 114.7:1. The three gear ratio options give you the flexibility to choose the best speed and torque for your project.

Tamiya 70203 low-current gearbox kit.

The kit includes step-by-step illustrated instructions in both Japanese and English. A scanned copy of the instructions is available on the Pictures tab. The kit can be built with just a screwdriver, but the instructions recommend having side cutters and a modeling knife on hand.

Complementary products

The output shaft included in this kit is a 3 mm hexagonal axle that is 10 cm (about 4″) from tip to tip. The axle works with many of the Tamiya wheels we carry. The low-voltage motor runs on 0.5 V to 3 V and draws less than 1 A, making it a perfect candidate for the DRV8835 or the DRV8833 motor driver carrier. The mounting holes on the gearbox are compatible with the Tamiya 70098 universal plate set and other Tamiya construction series products


  • Free-Run Speed @ 3 V: see picture to the right for RPM table

    Tamiya 70203 low-current gearbox torque and RPM at 3 V.

  • Free-run current @ 3 V: 20 mA
  • Stall current @ 3 V: 670 mA
  • Torque @ 3 V: see picture to the right for torque table
  • Three different gear ratios:
    • 12.7:1
    • 38.2:1
    • 114.7:1
  • 3 mm hexagonal output shaft (length: 100 mm) compatible with our adapter for LEGO wheels and many of Tamiya’s wheels
  • Two mounting orientations
  • Transparent gear housing shows the internal mechanisms
  • Crank plates

Note: The Tamiya 70203 Low-Current Motor Gearbox is a kit; assembly is required.

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