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9.0 (inches) Display Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

COD : SF-LCD-16115
9.0 (inches) Display Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi
449,93 € (excl. VAT)
548,91 € (incl. IVA)
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This 9.0” Diablo16 Integrated Display Module is part of the microLCD range of modules Designed and Manufactured by 4D Systems.

This hardware bundle includes the 4D Serial Pi Adaptor which allows fast and easy hardware interface to virtually any Raspberry Pi board with the standard Raspberry Pi headers and allows you to quickly and easily add a full colour dedicated HMI to your project.

The 9.0” model was designed specifically to cater for the demand of physically large displays, for ease of integration and use, and with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality.

This specific module features a 9.0” colour TFT LCD display, with Capacitive Touch (DCT). It is powered by the feature-rich 4D Systems Diablo16 Graphics Processor, which offers an array of functionality and options for any Designer / Integrator / User.

The Diablo16 processor features include 16 customisable GPIO, capable of PWM, Serial, I2C, SPI, Pulse Out, Quadrature Input, and Analog Input.

The 9.0” Diablo16 Integrated Display Module features a TFT LCD Display, is capable of Touch Detection, microSD memory Storage, GPIO and Communications, along with multiple millisecond resolution timers, and Audio Generation.

This 9.0” module is 100% compatible with the Workshop4 IDE and its 4 different development environments, providing the User with a wealth of options for programming and controlling their system.

Anything designed to run on other 4D Systems display modules featuring Picaso or Diablo16 Graphic Processors can be run on this Integrated Display Module, with little or no required modifications. Please contact 4D Systems Support Team for assistance if migrating from a previous model.

This module features a 30 pin ZIF socket, designed for a 30 pin FPC cable, for easy and simple connection to an application or mother board, or for connecting to accessory boards for a range of functionality advancements.

The uLCD-90DT/DCT utilises the same PCB found on the popular gen4 Series Intelligent Display Modules, such as the gen4-uLCD-70DT, making integration and application sharing easy. Unlike the gen4 modules, the uLCD-90 range does not feature plastic frames with mounting tabs, and instead integrates metal mounting ears directly into the display housing.


  • uLCD-90DCT 9.0" Resistive Touch Smart Display Module
  • 4D Serial Pi Adaptor
  • gen4-IB Interface Board
  • 4D UPA Universal Programming Adaptor
  • 4GB Industrial microSD card
  • 30-way 150mm FFC Cable
  • 5-way female to female ribbon cable with male to male adaptor.


  • Powerful 9.0” Intelligent LCD-TFT display module powered by DIABLO16.
  • 800 x 480 Resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours, TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Capacitive Touch Panel (DCT).
  • 6 banks of 32750 bytes of Flash memory for User Application Code and Data.
  • 32Kb of SRAM purely for the User.
  • 16 General Purpose I/O pins for user interfacing, which include 4 configurable Analog Inputs.
  • The GPIO is variously configurable for alternative functions such as:
    • 3x I2C channels available.
    • 1x SPI dedicated for SD Card and 3x configurable SPI channels available.
    • 1x dedicated and 3x configurable TTL Serial comm ports available.
    • Up to 6 GPIO can be used as Pin Counters.
    • Up to 6 GPIO for PWM (simple and Servo).
    • Up to 10 GPIO for Pulse Output.
    • Up to 14 GPIO can be configured for Quadrature Encoder Inputs (2 channels).
  • 30pin FPC connection, for all signals, power, communications, GPIO and programming.
  • On-board latch type micro-SD memory card connector for multimedia storage and data logging purposes.
  • DOS compatible file access (FAT16 format) as well as low level access to card memory.
  • Dedicated PWM Audio pin driven by WAV files from micro-SD card, and for sound generation, for an external amplifier.
  • Display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips.
  • Supports all available Windows fonts.
  • 4.0V to 5.5V range operation (single supply).
  • Module dimensions: (DCT): 230.7 x 126.4 x 8.15mm (Thickness is 5.15mm LCD + 3.0mm PCB)
  • 4x metal mounting tabs with 4.2mm holes for mechanical mounting using M4 screws


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