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LED Illuminated Triangle Pushbutton A.K.A 1960s Sci-Fi Buttons

COD : AF-4188
LED Illuminated Triangle Pushbutton A.K.A 1960s Sci-Fi Buttons
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We've got plenty of round and square buttons, but these LED Illuminated Triangle Pushbuttons are welcome to the party. These make us think of 1960's or 70's Sci-Fi control board buttons. As everyone knows, triangular buttons are the most retro-futuristic of all button shapes. Get 6 of them together for a cool hexagonal arrangement, or just have one triangle at a time.

These buttons are medium-sized, large enough to press easily, but not too big that it gets in the way of your project panel. Each button contains a built-in LED that can be controlled separately from the switch action - either to indicate or just to look good. This particular button has a green plastic coloring.

The body is a black plastic with the LED built inside. There are two contacts for the button and two contacts for the LED, one marked + and one -. The forward voltage of the LED is about 2.2V so connect a 220 to 1000 ohm resistor in series just as you would with any other LED to your 3V or higher power supply. We'll note that the LED this comes with is not so great. We really recommend a diffused LED but these come with a non-diffused one and it wasn't possible to get them customized. So! We recommend picking up some diffused 5mm LEDs and winding them into the switch for a better look.

The two switch contacts are not connected normally. When you push the button they will temporarily connect until the button is released. The LED is separated from the button, so you can make it light up when pressed, light up when not pressed, always lit, etc.

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